Koh the Face Stealer is one of the oldest spirits in the Spirit World. Exercise caution when interacting with this amoral, ancient, and extremely knowledgeable spirit


Koh is among the most knowledgeable of the spirits in the Spirit World, only surpassed by Wan Shi Tong in wisdom and the Ocean and Moon spirits in age. His body looks like a giant centipede at the end of which rests one of his many faces. While not malevolent, Koh is a force to be reckoned with, as he is capable of stealing the face of any individual who shows emotion. The face then becomes a part of his collection, which he actively uses in place of his own face often. He can change his face into any of the faces that he has in his collection, allowing him to shock and frighten easily, earning him more faces.

While he is well known in both the Spirit and human worlds for his danger, age, wisdom, and exploits, he is notable for having punished the previous Avatar, Kuruk, for his arrogance and disrespect for others during peacetime. Kuruk’s fiancee lost her face to Koh, and Kuruk’s spirit can be found hunting Koh to this day.


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