Sun Zui

Class: Firebender. Age: 17. Alignment: Neutral Good. Gender: Male


Notable skills:



Strength – 10
Constitution – 16
Dexterity – 18
Intelligence – 8
Wisdom – 10
Charisma – 11

AC – 16
Fort – 14
Ref – 17
Will – 11
Max HP – 29
Speed – 6
Initiative – 4
Passive Insight – 10
Passive Perception – 15

At-Will Powers:
Piece of Fire

Encounter Powers:
Heeldrop Burst

Daily Powers:
Wildfire Dance
Second Wind

Utility Powers:
Blue Fire Scorch

Blue Fire Harmony
Harmonious Backlash
Source of Strength
Overwhelming Flames


(More details later)

Zui was raised as an orphan by firebending monks in the fire nation. When he was eleven, his best friend Zao left with a small group of monks and never returned. Despite questioning the other monks as to Zao’s disappearance, the truth was never revealed to him. After two years, Zui left the monks to search for his friend, but due to his inexperience with the world outside of shrine where he had been living, most of his time was spent on survival and attempting to figure out how things in the world work. After four years of searching, Zui arrived at Omashu hoping to finally get a lead on where to find his friend.

Sun Zui

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